Couples Therapy

"We are never so defenseless - as when we love." Sigmund Freud

Couples therapy, couples counselling or marriage counselling aims to assist couples iron out difficulties and find greater fulfillment in their relationship. As individuals, we are the result of relationships and therefore in turn contribute and create the relationships we function in.

The aim of couples' counselling is to help couples develop the tools to make a successful dyad.  The psychologist assists the couple to gain insight into their relationship, to better understand each other's needs, to resolve conflict or to just enhance the relationship.

The role of the therapist is to facilitate effective couple interaction to assist with partners making connect with one another and build emphatic connections.   Through the process the couple is empowered and by learning to create and re-create intimacy, relationship issues such as commitment, fidelity, cooperation and management of differences are more easily resolved.

Not all couples come to therapy or counselling for the same reasons.  Some couples come to therapy to improve their relationship, others come to save their relationship and some couples seek therapy to assist them with a smooth transition through divorce.  

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