Group Therapy

"When I walk along with two others, from at least one I will be able to learn." - Confucius 

Group therapy or support groups is a form of therapy where a group of individuals with a similar issue or need come together with the aim to work through these issues in collaboration with a psychologist and the other group members.

Group therapy can assist individuals with a variety of issues ranging from addiction, abuse and divorce to anxiety and depression.  It offers an alternative or supplement to individual therapy in order to access support or treatment.  


It is a component of healing work that provides participants the opportunity to discuss their struggles with others who can offer empathy, understanding and provide encouragement.  Group therapy offers group members with a sense of belonging and direction in the journey to healing and development.

Groups usually consists of 8-10 individuals who are included in the group based on the shared issue or struggle among group members.

I offer group therapy/support groups at my Pretoria East psychologist practice.  These groups are aimed at individuals who are on their journey of self-development.  

Please contact me directly if you have any inquiries.

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